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The Best Dog Training Online Now Has A One Dollar-3 Day Trial!

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Now is the time for you to stop wondering about which dog trainer to use, I suggest you check out the very best dog training video website online by Doggy Dan which is now offering a One Dollar – 3 Day “Unlimited” Trial!

That’s correct, Doggy Dan, the Online Dog Trainer’s video website which comprises of over 250 dog and puppy training videos and a comprehensive and painstakingly put together training program is now available for you to check out for $1 before you decide to become a full member.


What are you looking for? A complete puppy training program, methods to stop unwanted dog behaviour, or simply just general dog training techniques? This site is the only place for you. As you might probably already know, this free trial came as a surprise to all of us and I had to ask Doggy Dan a couple of questions to get a gist and full comprehension about the changes surrounding this $1-3 day trial and this is what Doggy Dan had to say:
Q: Why have you decided to make this a one dollar trial?
A: There are quite a number of reason why I decided to make it a $1 trial. Firstly, I simply want as many dog owners across the globe to enjoy the site I built for them. It has taken us well over 5 years to build the site and my true intention is to have as many people as possible to enjoy and understand their dogs better. There is also a lot of people who tend to purchase products that they have not seen or tested before, so I thought…why not let people have a look around and decide for themselves if this is what they want or not?
Q: Are there any costs involved in looking around the site?
A: Yes, there is a $1 – 3 day trial to look around the site. You can take a good look around the site and walk away if that’s what you decide to do. Isn’t this the same thing you would do when shopping for any product? Of course, for your dog’s sake I hope you don’t leave without making a sound decision. The quality and volume of videos and audios inside the site are simply a way of telling you to take things slowly. You want the best for your dog don’t you? I mostly advice many dog owners to at least join for a month or two to get the maximum benefit out of this dog training site. Take your time and put it all in place, you will most definitely see positive results in no time.
Q: Do people get to see everything inside the site?
A: There are well over 200 videos you can immediately access during the 3 day trial period. There are obviously a couple of key videos that have been held back in order to encourage people to stay longer (there are substantial costs involved in running a quality website like this one, my full time obligation in the Forum is simply one of them). 
Inside the Online Dog Trainer's Website - Doggy Dan
All I can say after hearing what the Online Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan had to say is that his very generous offer has become even better with a “$1-3-Day-Try-Before-You-Buy” offer!
These are some of the behavioral problems you will be able to solve with access to Doggy Dan the Online Dog Trainer’s website:
Dog aggression
People aggression
Aggression towards animals
Aggression towards objects
Barking during the walk
Barking for attention
Barking at home
Barking in the car
Barking when left alone
Barking at the door
Dogs running away
Separation anxiety
Jumping up
Pulling on the leash
Not coming when called
Fears and phobias
I have never seen anyone with such immense understanding of dogs like Doggy Dan. His methods and techniques are simply gentle, caring and kind. As he says: “This is my gift to you…from one huge dog lover to another”. I suggest you check out his website now and sign up straight away.


To Your Dog Training Success!

Interview with Doggy Dan - The Online Dog Trainer Interview with Doggy Dan - The Online Dog Trainer. Click the link provided and access your dog training material now!

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How to stop your dog from…

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Many dog owners have obviously found themselves frantically attempting to stop their dogs from doing something whilst on the leash, but they never seemed to listen at all. “How do I stop my dog from” seems to be the most spoken words by many dog owners.

This can easily be compared to shouting at a train going at full speed to stop.  What normally happens when you do this? People will obviously stare wondering why you are doing it won’t they?
Well, the same applies when your dog gets out of control on the leash. You shouting and dragging your dog whilst people watch and wonder why you’re not doing something about your dog’s problematic behaviour. In the meantime, your dog is jumping, barking and spinning immensely out of control in order to free itself and do its “thing”. This whole time you are trying your very best to stop them but it’s undoubtedly not working!
First and foremost, do not despair as we have seen this happen many times and guess what, you are not alone and there is a solution. In fact, the whole purpose of this post is to explain the most important things to remember and the simple, easy steps to take next time you encounter a similar sort of situation. Also, you need to relax and know that the steps are actually very simple.
What triggers your dog?
The steps we are about to introduce to you can easily be applied to a whole range of different situations where your dog is triggered into panic mode by something or someone for that matter. There are endless times where our dogs simply disappear to another planet leaving us holding the leash whilst they are busy doing their “thing”.
Every dog will react to any or all of the following or something else completely different than the other dog:
 Small children
 Tennis balls
 Other moving toys
 Brooms, brushes
 Lawn mowers… etcetera
I think by now you get the picture! It can also be something motionless or stationary. Did you know that in some situations, your dog will specifically be triggered by a certain person, cat or dog?
What can be done in this situation?
Follow the instructions below and we can assure you that these are the key steps to solving this issue.
STEP 1. – Establishing yourself as the pack leader
If there’s a crucial stage in achieving results as far as this problem is concerned, then establishing yourself as the pack leader is simply at the top of the list. When you have established yourself as the pack leader, you dog will automatically be calmer outside in your presence. Your dog will also be more responsive to how you behave and also become less reactive. What does this mean? It means that you are actually in a position to actually start training your dog as they are now listening to you.
How do you actually become the pack leader? Well, reading through a blog post is certainly not going to help you completely, it’s however fascinating and if you truly love your dog; you will also love using the simple yet powerful techniques that real experts know and use on a daily basis on their own dogs. The best place to find all your answers is by visiting Doggy Dan’s video website and have a FREE 3-day trial access to over 200 dog training videos here:
I would strongly recommend that you check it out immediately after reading this.
STEP 2. – Keeping your dog calm
The worst mistake that many dog owners make is simply allowing their dog to get too excited and stressed, then trying to work with them in this crazy state. Once you have allowed this, you are obviously on an uphill battle and things often spiral out of control. Doggy Dan has amazing videos inside his website where he teaches techniques on how to keep your dog’s energy level low.
It’s time for you to start…
To Your Dog Training Success!!!

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Online Dog Trainer versus Dog Trainer in Person

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There has been a lot of questions from many dog owners asking whether signing up for an online dog training website is worthwhile, or whether they should just keep on spending money with a professional dog trainer in person.
We must admit though, this is such a great question to ask. With that being said, we believe that there are 4 key areas to be considered in order to make a sound decision and they are:
1.       Cost
2.       Quality of solution
3.       Ease of access and use and
4.       Support
Brace yourselves as the answers to the above questions might possibly surprise you.
 The Online Dog Trainer - Doggy Dan
1.       Cost – Does More Expensive Mean Better?
Many of you reading this will most certainly cough out whatever amount of money you can in order to find a solution to a problem. Does this mean you have to throw hundreds if not thousands of dollars to every dog trainer you come across in order to find the solution? Of course you want your money’s worth in making sure that you raise the perfect puppy. Do you have that kind of money at hand? Not many of us do.
The fact of the matter is that paying hefty amounts of money does not guarantee a good trainer who will certainly help. 
Dog Trainer in person -
Did you know that the cost of getting a quality dog trainer to come to your house can start at approximately $50 for the first hour? Now imagine if they actually cost less than this, wouldn’t you wonder why they are so cheap? These trainers can go up to as much as $500 for only a couple of hours’ work. It’s always advisable to check with the trainer whether several sessions or consultations will be required since many dog trainers only need to get their foot in the door, make a quick evaluation thus creating a relationship with you before giving you a full explanation that your dog has a serious problem; therefore many more sessions will be required. I think by now you get the picture…
Online Dog Trainer –
After conducting a thorough research, we have realized that many video based websites have an entry point of about $40. A couple of extremely generous websites will allow to trial the sites for FREE and professional dog trainer Doggy Dan’s video website is definitely one of those.  Why the trial offer you may ask? This allows every dog owner to check out the member’s area before they decide to pay the joining fee. This is a sure sign of a quality product!
Winner – Online Dog Trainer
2.       Quality of solution – you need to choose carefully!
Dog Trainer in person –
It’s simply unfortunate that the world of dog training has immensely exploded with hundreds of thousands of dog lovers converting to dog trainers overnight. You need to know that the two are simply not the same at all. The fact that your friend loves dogs does not immediately imply that they can help you solve your dog’s problems. There are many dog trainers with qualifications of less value than the paper they are written on. With that being said, there are good dog trainers out there but finding one can really become a daunting task. If you are adamant about using one, make sure that you know someone who has used them before that can give a good recommendation. One advantage of using a dog trainer in person is that they are able to see your dog in the flesh, watch and observe their progress and obviously create some sort of personalized solution.
Online Dog Trainer –
In simple terms, the experience being offered by an online dog trainer is far greater than that of a dog trainer living around the corner. The sheer quality of the solution being offered and the total number of dogs that they have helped including the methods applied in working with those dogs are simply more extensive. In short, whatever you choose, make sure that you have done a thorough research to make a sound decision. Get referrals, talk to people who have used them and read real testimonials. Are those testimonials genuine and how recent are they? Check out an example of real people ranting and raving about an online dog trainer here:
3.       Ease of use – Personality versus The Beauty of Technology
Dog Trainer in person –
Let me cut the long story short, if you are reading this; chances are you do not have a fun, enthusiastic and highly recommended dog trainer in your area. If you do, then they are a great option.
Online Dog Trainer –
If there is one thing that many dog owners love about an online dog trainer is the ease of use. Why wouldn’t they if they can actually view it anytime from anywhere in the world? Whether they are at work, home or at the dog park; they can simply take a quick look to remind themselves of any suggestions and actually apply them there and then. An online solution simply means that dog training does not eat up into your valuable time but can be accessed whenever you are available. With online dog training, you really need a basic understanding of how to use a computer, but nowadays, it’s becoming easier and simpler with the latest technologies.
Winner – Online Dog Trainer 
4.       Support – Don’t get left high and dry
Dog Trainer in person –
When other dog trainers will visit multiple times, this needs to be checked whether it was all included in the initial price or not. If it was not, then be careful you are not opening a can of worms. This can get to a point where the only way to find the solution is to pay more money, not knowing whether you will actually find the solution or not.
 Online Dog Trainer –
Most online dog trainer websites include forums just like “the Online Dog Trainer” does. Some sites allow members and users to add links to videos which can be viewed by the dog trainer in answering questions more accurately and relatively. One can easily upload a video of their dog being naughty for a dog trainer to view and assess the situation correctly.
Winner – Online Dog Trainer
In Summary
As you can see for yourself, nothing can beat a good online solution when it comes to cost and ease of use. Choosing a great solution is the key, and in all four areas of Cost, Quality of solution, Ease of use and Support, you will not find a better site than “the Online Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan’s video website” that offers a $1 – 3 Day Trial!
When is the right time to start applying the above? There is no better time to start than NOW… see below:
To Your Dog Training Success!!!

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